Summary Edit

Win No Jutsu (not an actual name for itself), is a jutsu most commonly used by Naruto Uzumaki.

Win No Jutsu is used to ultimately win any battle when there is no chance of winning. There are many ways to activate this jutsu, but it can fail sometimes. Win No Jutsu can be achieved by simply taking many different types of Talk No Jutsu, and Plot No Jutsu. If TnJ (Talk No Jutsu) is activatied while Plot No Jutsu is, there is a high chance of winning.

Plot No Jutsu goes kind of with Win No Jutsu, as it goes along with what needs to happen. Win No Jutsu is very powerful, as Naruto can beat any powerful villian, just like Plot No Jutsu and Talk No Jutsu. Though this Jutsu can be countered by the strongest of ninja.

Uses Edit

When Naruto tried beating Neji in the Chunin Exams, Naruto activates Plot No Jutsu, and Talk No Jutsu at the same time. It worked as the Plot No Jutsu helped Naruto in getting the Nine Tails chakra, then Plot No Jutsu kicks in more and makes Naruto the winner as Neji had just gotten beaten.

An instance of Win No Jutsu being used by another character, is when Kushina Uzumaki and Minato tried to stop the Nine Tails Fox into Naruto. Though it didn't exactly fail as Kurama is still sealed in Naruto and they won, though Kushina and Minato died in the process of doing so.