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The Rinnegan is the eye of Hagoromo Ohtsutsuki, believed to be the natural progression of the Sharingan. Known for it's distinctive circular pattern, it's most famous user is Hagoromo Ohtsusuki, the Sage of 6 paths, who was the predecessor of modern shinobi. It is believed to be the most exalted of all ocular jutsu, capable of restoring order or bringing total destruction to the world.[1]


The Rinnegan is believed to have been first awakened by Hagoromo Otsutsuki. He was given birth by Kaguya Otsutsuki, a female who was believed to have stolen the chakra fruit of the divine tree. With the Rinnegan, Hagoromo brought peace to the world by sealing away the divine tree while it had transformed into the ten tails, and did many travels, preaching ninshu, the shinobi creed.[2] Hagoromo is capable of using any chakra nature, and thus, any kind of jutsu, and also possessed the power of the Uchiha and Senju.[3][4] In his later days, he divided the ten tails' chakra into 9 parts, creating the Biju with an Onmyoton-based ability known as Banbutsu sozo [万物創造,Creation of all things]. Later, he invoked a sealing jutsu that turned ten tails' physical body into the core of a Chibaku tensei [地爆天星; Catastrophic Planetary construction].[5][6] Many previous victims of Kaguya's Infinite Moonreader were also sealed into the statue.[7] 

Although the extraction of the Shinju placed Hagoromo in a death-like state, he survived the sealing, awakening after several months.[8] Finally, he chose between his two children to succeed him in regards to securing the future of the shinobi creed, but this would later cause a war between the two that would later transcend generations.[9]

The most profound of this power struggle would perhaps be the battle between Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha, the latter of whom secretly used the battle as a cover to steal the former's powers, in an attempt to awaken the Rinnegan.[10][11] Nearing the end of his life, Madara awakened the Rinnegan, which he used to free the ten tails' body from the moon, and put it to use to culture the stolen dna of Hashirama.[12] Madara then released the victims of the Inifinite Moonreader, under the assumption that he was creating them with Onmyoton.[13]

Later, Madara transferred his eyes to an Amegakure shinobi called Nagato Uzumaki, who was to be manipulated by Obito Uchiha.[14] The purpose of Nagato was to use the Rinnegan's Gedo: Rinne tensei [外道・輪廻天生の術; Gedo: Art of Rinne Rebirth] technique to revive Madara, which would then end his own life.[15][16] However, Nagato would later betray Obito, thanks to the actions of Naruto Uzumaki.

Obito would later transplant one of the Rinnegan, and use it in the shinobi war, rather than revive Madara himself. Madara was instead revived by Kabuto to be used as a pawn as an Edotensei.[17] Eventually however, Obito lost the war, and Madara forced him to revive him,[18] and eventually regained both of his Rinnegan during his battle with the shinobi world.


The Rinnegan is an ocular power that possesses the power of Rinne, which refers to the cycle of Samsara [Birth, death, and rebirth] in Buddhism. The word means "Journeying" in Sanskrit.[19]

The user of the Rinnegan is believed to be outside of the world of life and death, and their power itself is one which presides over life and death.[20] The Rinnegan allows the user to access somewhat degraded Onmyoton [陰陽遁; Shadow & light style] power that manifests itself as black material, such as dark rods. These rods were instructed to Obito by Madara to be used for 6 paths jutsu.[21] Originally, it was assumed that Madara had used Shadow and Light styles [Onmyoton] to create the Zetsu, including the black Zetsu.[22] However, it was later clarified that the white Zetsu had been people who were previously under Kaguya Ohtsutsuki's Infinite Moonreader.[23] The black Zetsu itself was a creation of Kaguya, and led Madara to believe he had created it and the white Zetsu, when he had actually done no such thing.[24] It is suggested that Kaguya had transferred her will into the Shinju as well, as these rods were used to connect itself to Nagato while it was in it's "Gedo statue" state.[25] Similarily, Obito used the chakra rods to connect the statue to Hashirama's living clone, allowing it to manufacture over 100,000 Zetsu.[26][27]

It was later revealed by Black Zetsu that Kaguya herself was the Shinju.[28]

Ocular jutsu[]

Rikudo Pain [天道; 6 paths of Pain] []

The Rikudo Pain technique allows the user to manipulate dead bodies by implanting them with chakra transmitters. Each body is then able to use a specific class of Rinnegan power, and are named accordingly.[29] They are also able to share each others' eyesight, which allows them to attack and defend with the sort of precision seen only in Byakugan users.[30]

Tendo [天道; Deva Path][]

One of the most famous of the ocular powers, Tendo is capable of controlling attractive and repulsive forces. The first of these is called Shinra tensei [神羅天征; Almighty Push], which allows the user to push away opposing forces. It can also be used on a significantly larger scale, even capable of flattening an entire village[31] , but this also results in a reduction of the user's lifespan.[32]

The second, is the attractive force, Bansho tennin [万象天引; Universal Pull] that can attract any object towards the user, similar to telekinesis.[33] It can attract more than one object at a time, as well.[34]

The third, is the ability to create satellites, called Chibaku tensei [地爆天星; Catastrophic Planetary Construction]. After sending out a black sphere, the user remotely controls its attractive force to draw parts of the planet upwards, creating a satellite that can trap enemies.[35] It is implied that this technique was used by Hagoromo Ohtsusuki to create the moon.[36] As the Shinju's jinchuriki, as well as possessing both his Rinnegan, Madara can effortlessly create multiple bodies, all significantly larger than the ones Nagato made.[37] They are referred to as meteorites.[38]

Shinra Tensei also has cool down period lasting a few seconds, which leaves the Tendo body vulnerable.[39]

Gakido  [餓鬼道; Preta Path][]

Gakido is an ocular power that allows the user to absorb the chakra of whatever they make contact with, rendering the jutsu ineffective.[40] When used in a 'pain' body, the body is vulnerable to taijutsu and other attacks that do not use chakra.[41] Gakido may also interfere with the user's own jutsu[42], and can be countered by another jutsu that absorbs chakra.[43]

Shurado  [修羅道; Asura Path][]

Shurado is an ocular power that allows the user to transform their body, taking on the appearance of what was referred to as puppet armor by Killer Bee.[44] With this armor, the user has improved durability, sometimes able to survive multiple attacks.[45][46] They are also able to attack with various mechanical weapons, such as missiles and blades.

Chikushodo  [畜生道; Animal Path] Chikuoshodo is an ocular power that allows the user to summon anything containing the Gedo's chakra rods, such as animals, and even the other 'Pains'.[47][48] It may also play a role in also allowing the user to summon the Shinju itself.

Jigokudo  [地獄道; Naraka Path][]

Jigokudo is an ocular power that allows the user to summon a mysterious entity that allows them to repair anyone that was injured, such as fellow 'Pain' bodies.[49] Additionally, it can also allow the user to tell whether or not a person is lying.[50] This entity cannot be perceived normally; only someone caught by the technique or using Senjutsu is able to detect it.[51][52]

Ningendo  [人間道; Human Path][]

Ningendo is an ocular power that allows the user to instantly learn information from a target.[53] However, this results in the target's death.[54] The Ningendo also allows the user to conceal their chakra.[55]


Limbo is an ocular power that allows the user to project an invisible shadow into the world of Limbo, where they can then attack or restrain a person without them detecting it.[56] With Limbo: Hengoku, they can project an attack over a wider range.[57] Limbo is a highly specialized jutsu, only perceptible to an enemy who has awakened the Senjutsu of 6 paths, or the Rinnegan itself.[58] Originally, Madara Uchiha used one shadow, but was later able to use as much as 4 when he gained his second Rinnegan.[59]

Gedo: Art of Rinne Rebirth[]

The Gedo: Art of Rinne Rebirth technique allows the user to revive a number of dead individuals, restoring their bodies. However, this technique is sacrificial, as it kills the user.[60] It summons the mysterious entity used by the Jigokudo, who is seemingly referred to as the Gedo by Nagato.[61]

Space Swapping Ability[]

With his Rinnegan, Sasuke Uchiha can teleport himself and objects. The mechanics of this jutsu was explained as swapping spaces.[62][63] He can apply this ability to switch the places of objects and himself, and even make them collide.[64]

Sasuke has used this ability to transfer people towards himself to be attacked, such as Madara Uchiha and Kaguya Ohtsutsuki.[65][66]

This ability has a fairly small effective range, and if something moves out of Sasuke's range, he's no longer able to modify it's position.[67] To improve his range, he can also switch positions with an object.[68] This power also needs time to recuperate.[69][70]

A similar ability is used by Kaguya Ohtsutsuki, who instead as used it to instantly transfer objects into separate dimensions.[71] Originally, Kakashi Hatake assumed she had been rewriting the environment, like a genjutsu.[72] However, it was earlier suggested by the absence of Kaguya's chakra that she had moved to a different dimension.[73] Black Zetsu later confirmed that Kaguya does indeed have the power to instantly shift between dimensions, and that there are 6 dimensions.[74] This technique uses a significant amount of chakra, and Kaguya must enter the root time-space in order to recuperate.[75][76]

Time-Space jutsu[]

In addition to her space-swapping jutsu, whose effects are immediate, Kaguya also uses a time-space jutsu that creates gateways through which she can explicitly transfer objects into another dimension. She's used this ability to escape her enemies several times, as well as hide herself when using the environment as a weapon.[77] She's also used this ability to send away Sasuke Uchiha.[78] With Kamui, the ocular power of his Mangekyo Sharingan, Obito was able to enter into Kaguya's root time-space by resonating it at the same time she used her jutsu.[79] This required an enormous amount of chakra, as the time-space of users are not actually connected unless they share certain characteristics and circumstances.[80][81]


-Kaguya Ohtsutsuki

-Hagoromo Ohtsusuki

-Madara Uchiha

-Sasuke Uchiha

Former Users[]

-Nagato Uzumaki

-Obito Uchiha


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