This page is about the forum member, for the jutsu, see Shunshin.
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Could this user photo really be Rainbow Dash?

Rainbow Dash (formerly Golden Circle) is the most awesome user on the forum. Not only does he have a picture of a girl on his user profile page to troll people, many are indeed convinced that he is a girl. (Congratulations! Now you know!)[1] Rarely goes without making at least 20-30 posts per day.

You may often catch him early in the morning going on a posting spree and flooding sections that should be impossible to flood, such as the various section in Naruto Avenue. (Each post is surprisingly still thought-out and on-topic.) This may have something to do with his custom user title, "posting in ten seconds flat". He doesn't have that user title just laughs you know.


Rainbow Dash first went online sometime between 1995-1998 on Australia's Nexus, a dial-up bulletin board of sorts. In 1998 he connected to the Internet, and used it for discussing an obscure Western Cartoon and later, He got into the social aspect of the web in 2001, around the time when Google popped up.

He has been interested in anime for quite some time. His first exposure to anime was dragonball early in the morning on Free-To-Air TV, and later Dragonball Z and Zoids on cartoon network. He started reading Naruto late 2006 and joined nf in March 2007.

Earliest post in Library section:[2]

"Hmm... I don't know. You'll have to go through the 363 discussion thread to work out exactly who first transliterated it as Pein.

IIRC, katakana can be transliterated as romaji or romanized.
Pein is the transliteration, Pain is the romanization.
Just like Gai is the romaji and Guy is romanization.
More examples

The Naruto fanbase has a strong history of preferring the romaji over the romanization.

Pein ftw." [1]


His first exposure to computers was from an Apple ][+ when he was eight. By eleven, he had taught himself how to program and was punching out apps by the end of his teenage years. This led him to seek a dual-degree in Computer Systems Engineering and Information Technology, which he obtained by 26.


Rainbow Dash has several online profiles, most of them under his former username.


  1. Rainbow Dash may be double-trolling you.
  2. Said opinion on subject has since changed.