Onoki of Both Scales (Ryōtenbin no Ōnoki) is the current and Third Tsuchikage, the leader of Iwagakure. A stubborn old man whose only weakness is his bad back.

He has a hot-headed grandaughter Kurotsuchi and a faithful bodyguard Akatsuchi. Kitsuchi is his son either by blood or by marriage.


Lending credence to his nickname, Onoki can dramatically change the weight of any object he touches, either decreasing it to weightlessness or increasing it to immobility. He can lift a giant turtle oft-confused for an island and slow down enormous meteorites pulled down from space.

Since he can drop a person's weight to almost nothing, he can grant himself and others the ability to fly and at incredible speeds. While weightless physical attacks are greatly weakened, but if timed correctly, he can return or increase the weight, strengthening punches and kicks.

If touching an opponent, he can not only increase their weight, impeding their movements, but also petrify them. This petrification can also be applied to Earth Release: Fist Rock Technique, enabling it to crush even the hardest shell.

As befitting his high position in an Earth Release village, he can increase his range of sight by spitting out rocky copies of himself, shield himself and allies by raising giant golems from the ground, and even upset an opponent's footing by shifting the ground underneath him.

The greatest weapon in his arsenal is one he learned from his predecessor Mu, the Second Tsuchikage: the Kekkei Tota Dust Release. This type of technique allows Onoki to form variously-sized cubes and cones which dismantle things at the molecular level, turning opponents and their attacks into "dust." Because of their variable sizes, his attacks have incredible range and work in variety of settings.


In the Library, he has been referred to as a troll for his unappealing features and short stature and as a backpack for chilling out on A's back during the fight with Madara Uchiha.