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An image of the sage child's will that has become sentient, after taking its mortal, fleshy form.

Huge fan of Naruto, and moderator in the Konoha Library. A recent advocate for improving the quality of the Konoha Library.

The object of my adoration. My masturbation. If precum was fire and testicular juice was lava I'd still ask him to nut on my face, as I do with all high tier Narutards. Not many of us exist, but by our powers combined there will be a new age in which all will find and grab hold of Him; light personified. But enough with the gay jokes and spreading of religion, and legs. If you're not a total cunt or demanding whiner, you'll find a good and reliable friend in him. If you happen to be friends with him already, don't fuck it up.

He's a WoW player too, that shit is too confusing for me, a normal person that plays simple games (excluding that one time when I cleared that god damned Shadow Man game many years ago - it was hell in more than one way). I guess he's either a human with some kind of advanced mind or he has a pet 30 inch large 32-legged mutated spider working the keyboard for him as he sips mint juleps and watches porn.

He and Naruko are like bread and butter. If you don't eat bread with some butter on it, screw you. How about icecream and whipped cream or sprinkles? God damn it you might be lactose intolerant. Whatever. No, you shut up.

His legend dates back to the year 2006. Having arrived at NF, he did not bear the Mark of the Sage Child, yet. No, he was known by a different name, one which we will not drop here and now. It's not important. He was chosen by the previous incarnation of the Tamer, the Chakra Massacre, He who has no limits, to be infused with His power. That alone makes pronouncing his previous username worthless and distasteful.

The overlords noticed the great power bestowed upon him, but did not recognize his skills until around the year of our Lord 2009 - 2010 (verification needed). After which, he was made a moderator at last. His conquest began in the fanclubs section, and after much hard work as though he was the character, he gained super moderator powers. Huzzah! Having received his sage mode at last, he tried to change the world but was met with mockery and a wall made of pure will, forged by a small army of people on the forum. We now await the time, that he will master his bijuu mode and try again.

The Scriptures are unclear, but it seems as though besides being the creator of many a Naruto set and a sparker of erections & ovary explosions all over the world, he also created this wiki. Praise be!