Nagato was one of the original members of Akatsuki and a former Ame-nin. He was one of the three characters to possess the Rinnegan of Madara Uchiha. He was also a member of the Uzumaki Clan. He is famous for being defeated by Talk no Jutsu.

Life Edit

Shortly after his birth, Nagato received the Rinnegan of Madara Uchiha. Whether it was Madara or Tobi who gave him the Rinnegan is unknown. His parents were killed in the Second Shinobi World War by Konoha-nin. He became an orphan, and soon became friends with Konan and Yahiko. He and his friends were then trained by Jiraiya, who believed Nagato to be the Child of Prophecy. Some time after the training, the three friends created Akatsuki.

At some point later, Yahiko was killed by Hanzo, which caused Nagato to get really pissed off. It is here where he likely came up with the plan to destroy everything, so that people would be scared of everything being destroyed again and not do any more wars.

Loss to a book Edit

Many years later, after using the Six Paths of Pain to kill Jiraiya, Nagato attacked Konoha in a attempt to capture Naruto. After killing hundreds of people and destroying the entire village, Nagato faced off with Naruto in a nearby tree. Naruto threw a book at Nagato. This caused Nagato to see the error in his ways. He then revived everyone that had died, then died himself. This encounter was later attributed to Naruto using Talk No Jutsu.

Abilities Edit

Nagato is a Rinnegan user. He can split his abilities into 7 paths, or just them himself. He has incredible destructive force. Chibaku Tensei has the capeability to rip apart and entire city, and requires a very high level of technique to break. He also can use Basho and Shira tennin.

Nagato can also summon a variety of creatures that will multiply head infenently and are very hard to kill. He can fly and shoot many missiles with his Asura path, as well as absorb any incoming ninjutsu. On top of that, he can use Gedo Mazo for huge scale soul rips, and Rinne tensei to revive anyone, making him one of the strongest characters in Naruto.