The Moon's eye is the distinct eye of the divine tree [神樹; Shinju], and is only awakened by someone who is it's jinchuriki, in addition to having two Rinnegan. As the forerunner to ocular powers, it possesses all known jutsu, and is capable of casting a super genjutsu over the planet.[1]


The Moon's eye is the eye of the divine tree, whom is referred to as a creator god, and the beginning of all chakra.[2] Although the divine possessed the known powers of the modern shinobi world, it instead remained dormant for many years, ignoring humans and their conflicts. It was worshipped as a sacred pillar.[3] One day, the tree produced a chakra fruit, which occurs only once a millennium. However, Kaguya Ohtsusuki, a princess from an unknown place, later came and took the fruit for herself. In doing so, she became the first person to use chakra, and gained the divine tree's power, which she used to turn the tides during her own war.[4] With her power, Kaguya put and end to wars, and ruled over the land, known at the rabbit goddess. At this point, the divine tree transformed into the 10 tails, seeking to regain it's stolen chakra.

However, her power eventually drove her mad, and she created a genjutsu: Infinite Moonreader [無限月読; Mugen Tsukuyomi]. Eventually, Kaguya was defeated by her two sons, who also addressed the issue of the divine tree, by sealing away the ten tails in Hagoromo.[5]

As the one who brought peace to the land, as well as gaining the divine tree's power as it's jinchuriki, Hagoromo was revered like a god-like figure[6], and it was understood that the Rinnegan held the power to bring peace or destruction.[7]

In fact, Hagoromo claimed that his mother's genjutsu, Infinite Moonreader, was the end of the world.[8] Later on, Madara Uchiha would claim that he or she who gained the power of Rinne [Samsara or "Journeying"] who awaken the eye that can be reflected off of the moon, after coming into close proximity with it.[9] Hagoromo thus, had the power to end the world, as the legends maintain. He however, did not believe in his mother's ways.[10]


Infinite Moonreader [無限月読; Mugen Tsukuyomi Edit

The eye can project a genjutsu, called Infinite Moonreader, on the surface of the moon, which can capture everyone on the planet and unify them.[11] It was suggested that this applies multiple ocular powers: the Kaleidoscope Sharingan and Rinnegan. Originally, Obito Uchiha claimed he was seeking the true power of the Sharingan[12], and also claimed his ocular powers would be expanded if he became the jinchuriki of the divine tree.[13]

Later, Itachi Uchiha claimed that with his Mangekyo Sharingan combined with Nagato's Uzumaki's Rinnegan, the two could accomplish anything, suggesting Kabuto was preparing to counter Infinite Moonreader if Obito's plan succeeded.[14] He also declared that Itachi Uchiha was his most important Edotensei.[15]

While conventional ocular genjutsu uses eyesight to capture targets, the Infinite Moonreader uses light, which illuminates the entire world, capable of piercing even shadows.[16] This genjutsu is used along with Shin-jukai koutan [神・樹界降誕; Divine Deep Forest Emergence][17], which sends branches all over the world to snare humans in cloth and drain their power while they are trapped in the genjutsu. Originally, Kaguya used this power, which Hagoromo referred to as ghastly.[18]

As a further suggestion of the use of multiple ocular powers, Sasuke Uchiha was able to deter the genjutsu by using his Susano'o to stop the light from entering.[19]


-Kaguya Ohtsusuki

-Hagoromo Ohtsusuki

-Madara Uchiha


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