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Dat everything.

Writes lengthy but enjoyable and simply brilliant theories, mostly about the Uchiha. One of the more pleasant Uchiha/Sasuke tards, and one which many should try to emulate instead of this bullshit trolling. She greatly enjoys using the :hurr emote and one might imagine that every time she spots or posts the emote, she creates a giant dong by sheer willpower and proceeds to rub it all over the screen.

Often, when interacting with members she will be using short replies, replies that don't say much besides "yes", "okay" or "Sasuke :hurr". This completely disappears when she goes into Library mode, which has many similarities to Shikamaru's strategy mode. It's like watching Dr Jekyll and Hide except without the blood or cranial damage.

She is an avid fan of using humorous sets, for many years now. Her previous set had "Sasuke's butt" in it, from the special manga chapter that promoted the latest Naruto movie: Road to Ninja. Unfortunately for her, it was Kiba's butt (the similarities in hair style, though wet, were convincing though). Poor Jeanne never recovered from having anyone but Sasuke in her set. Let this be a lesson to tards all over the world, about how you should never use content that isn't confirmed yet.

Was insanely popular in the Blender (around 2009-2010) until she left, sadly. As a result, her reputation is among the highest on NF. She is liked almost universally, which is quite the feat on NF. Have I mentioned that she's pretty damn hot? Why can't everyone in this fandom be Jeanne, seriously.

This user's memories of her date back to 2008, in a repwhoring thread. She was the first to pop my cherry so hard I was left with nothing but my tears and a colostomy bag.