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The Izanagi is an ocular genjutsu of the Sharingan that affects the space between illusion and reality.


Originally, the 6 Paths Sage, the ancestor of modern shinobi, possessed the power to create living things, which was known as Creation of All Things. Inton, Shadow Style power, which is founded upon mental energies that govern imagination, could be used to create form. Yoton, Light Style power, founded upon physical energies that govern life, could be used to instill life into that form. By using the power of Shadow and Light styles, he could create living things, an example of which are the tailed beasts, made from the chakra of the 10 tails.[1] The Uchiha clan applied the powers of Shadow and Light styles to create an ocular genjutsu called Izanagi.[2] It is considered to be the "true power" of the Uchiha eyes, as it's one of two ocular genjutsu that can trap the target without the need for eye contact.[3]

The Izanagi was a powerful weapon of the Uchiha during battles they couldn't afford to lose.[4] It's use however, eventually led to abuse by Uchiha members, resulting it being labeled as a forbidden jutsu and the creation of another ocular genjutsu, called Izanami.[5] When there was only one Izanagi user, there was no problem. However, when there were more than two users, there could be endless reworkings of any given situation.[6] These two ocular genjutsu are considered to be part of a pair.[7]


The Izanagi is an ocular genjutsu of the Sharingan, that applies Shadow and Light styles. As such, it can seize control of the space between reality and illusion. By doing so, the Izanagi protects the user from disadvantages such as damage and even death, rewriting those events as an illusion.[8] However, the Izanagi will keep it's own user's attacks as part of reality, meaning that if an Izanagi user and their opponent were to clash in battle, the Izanagi user would come out on top.[9][10] This ocular genjutsu is difficult to detect, as it is not cast on the opponent, but the user themselves, which causes a shift in their chakra.[11]

The Izanagi also has the uncanny ability of allowing it's user to teleport after they were killed. For example, Obito Uchiha appeared by Konan's side after being trapped in an abyss filled with explosives.[12][13]


  • Danzo Shimura
  • Obito Uchiha
  • Itachi Uchiha
  • Sasuke Uchiha
  • Madara Uchiha


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