Blocking Technique Absorption SealEdit

Blocking Technique Absoption Seal (known as Fūjutsu Kyūin in Rōmaji) is a Fūinjutsu type jutsu based around absorbing chakra and techniques, and is used by Madara Uchiha and Pain/Nagato through the Rinnegan's Preta Path. It is a technique capable of absorbing any chakra, release of shape or nature manipulation, and dispersing it within one's body by spinning their chakra in the opposite direction. As a result, the technique is capable of absorbing any ninjutsu without causing harm to the user. Though, it is still affected by unrefined/unbalanced natural energy, and the user will slowly petrify if he/she is unable to properly balance it.

The jutsu has shown to be able to drain a person, by the user grabbing the victim and using the technique within close proximity and allowing the barrier to absorb the person's chakra, effectively draining them. By Nagato, it has also shown to be able to restore a person's body, when he used the chakra stolen from Killer Bee's Version Two transformation to restore his muscles and turn his hair back to red, essentially to the state it was before he used Gedō Mazō against Hanzō. Though, it should be noted that due to the lack of muscle memory and adjustment, he was not restored his full mobility, a weakness that Itachi exploited.