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Amaterasu is an ocular jutsu granted by the Kaleidoscope Sharingan, which materializes their chakra into a highly reslient fire. It is sometimes considered to be the greatest physical attack of the Kaleidoscope Sharingan, as well as the strongest ocular jutsu.[1][2]


The Amaterasu is sometimes described as an ability that ignites a peculiar black fire at the focal point of the user, sometimes directly upon a sighted target.[3] Though said to represent the light of the material world, the flames conjured by the jutsu do not actually give off any light.[4][5] It is one of the most famous of the Kaleidoscope Sharingan's ocular jutsu, even rumored to be everlasting.[6]

The flames themselves are also referred to as "Amaterasu". The jutsu is often used at varying intensities. At times, it can appear as an obvious projectile, displaying movement trails and hitting things other than it's intended target.[7][8] At other times, it can appear remarkably fast with no movement trails to indicate it's travel.[9][10] This effect can be sealed temporarily into the eyes of another Sharingan.[11]


Amaterasu is one of the most distinct of the ocular jutsu of the Kaleidoscope Sharingan, as it's the only one where even casual use causes the user's eye to bleed. It gives off a feeling of pressure when being prepared for use.[12] Amaterasu is sometimes referred to as an Enton, or Flame release. The word "En" (炎) refers to fire, only much hotter. As such, the Amaterasu is called the highest fire Style jutsu.[13]

The term Enton may possibly refer to flames that are spawned from a source flame rather than cast with the jutsu Amaterasu.[14][15] The flames are very durable, remaining after being cast for as long as 7 days, and are not affected by water or rain. The flames can be guided as a projectile by the user to increase their success rate, or guided in such a way that they can create a barrier.



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